The Call of Destiny

     We find ourselves at a time in history that rarely affords itself, that is a time to change in a sweeping manner the ills and afflictions of our better nature. Not in two hundred years has such a time been within our grasp, not since our founding as a beacon of personal freedoms and unrestrained opportunity have we as a people been roused from our slumber and complacency.

     We as Americans by definition are as rich and varied in custom and complexity as any on this earth. More so because we are Americans and are not held by the contrivance of Kingdoms or Dictators to conform to the will of the state, we can differ and strongly so without fear of reprisals or safety to our persons.

     Despite whatever side of the many divisive issues we are currently debating in our congress you find yourself, pro or con, you will concede that the corruption, avarice, arrogance and greed is threatening our very way of life.

     At no time in my memory have I witnessed such open and flagrant disdain for the welfare of the people of this fair nation. No one currently serving has displayed the minimum amount of dignity or responsibility expected of our elected officials.

     Their worth, their honor and their value is only based on what they take home to their small corner of our country and not what is best for all. They boast openly without shame on national television of how much money they took from a pile of borrowed money our children may never be able to repay. This is not only reprehensible behavior but damning to the very core of our freedom.

     This comes from both sides of our two party system. I look to our hallowed halls of higher learning for some small element of chastisement for their behavior, but their focus seems to be on promoting a romanced vision of an European Socialist utopia that has never existed. They elevate and espouse non existent virtues to dictators and tyrants that they themselves have never been subjected. Which I might add flies in the face of the principles on which our country was founded.

     The fodder we are fed by the so called political experts is no more than a miserable mixture of meaningless metaphors. Yelling and pointing of fingers this way and that provides a curious form of entertainment at best and nothing more.

     The existence of a free press in this country has become for the most part a moot point. No one is asking the hard questions, and certainly no one is doing any in-depth investigative reporting into the plethora of subjects that have damn near laid themselves at their feet.

     So it has come to us the people to purge our country of this cancer that threatens to destroy not only our hopes and dreams, but the hopes and dreams of people all around the world that look to us as an example of what should be for them.

     This coming November stand for something beyond yourself, beyond the status-quo of more of the same crap we are spoon fed by career politicians, lobbyists, and big business.

     Vote every politician that has ever held office out! Replace them with a new face and the chance to reclaim that which so many fought and died, suffered and cried out for, a better way of life! For every slave that dared to dream of being free, every woman that dreamed of being able to vote and hold property in her own name. Do we forget these things so easily? Will we be remembered as the generation that killed the great dream of freedom? Can we not bring ourselves to pull a lever and change our course, knowing in our heart this is what we need to do? All because we are afraid of what may happen? Remember, others died to give you that right!

     Chose whomever you wish to represent you, I only ask you find someone that has never served. And then perhaps we can demand our voice be heard. Because right now my friend they are laughing at us, as they take our money, our honor, and our children’s future.

Rick Young

Houston, Texas





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Demonmaster & The Goddess

         On April 17, 2008 I held my Beloved wife Dolores as she took her last breath and left this world for a better place. A promise to her is why you are reading these words. A promise to her is why this cross country trip is being undertaken. And because of these promises to her I have not curled up into a ball and died.

She knew me much better than I knew myself. Without direction and purpose I flounder horribly. She knew just how hard her passing would impact me, and she knew just what it might take to keep me going and allow a healing to begin. Even in death she takes care of me.

          So I hope as you follow along on this American odyssey you would remember from time to time the woman I call My Goddess, and say a short prayer that God will bless her and keep her safe until I can be with her again.

          My hope is to find the American people you don’t hear about on the nightly news, the majority of us that follow the law, try to help one another when in need, and appreciate that help when given. Americans that work hard, pay their fair share of taxes, and try to be and do the right thing at every turn.

          We are still out here; we just don’t sell newspapers or increase viewership. We are considered boring, common and uneventful.

God Bless us all.

The Demonmaster